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Mexican egg cleansing ritual. Today I will explain to you how to perform a Mexican egg cleansing ritual to open up all doors in your life, bring in new opportunities and remove bad luck. Ensure that you take note of everything because the Mexican egg cleansing ritual can alter your life and the direction of your prosperity, paths and luck.

Moreover I will tell you all about the Mexican egg cleansing ritual so that you won’t have any doubts when casting this safe and simple ritual at the comfort of your own home. Performing the Mexican egg cleansing spell is a very sacred magic procedure that aims to clean your aura, remove negative energies and open doors to opportunities much faster.

Mexican egg cleansing ritual

When to perform the Mexican egg cleansing ritual

A number of people tend to opt to use the Mexican egg cleansing ritual to get rid of blockages at the following time

  • When you feel sluggish, exhausted or in a cranky mood.
  • When you suffer unexpected expenses or lose a job.
  • When you distance yourself from a lover or friends for no reason.
  • When you start to have for no reason, night terrors, suffer from lack of sleep, unexplained accidents and mishaps.
  • At the very moment when you wish to pursue a business, career or project.
  • When you require a thorough cleansing to remove all negatives, curses, witchcraft or black magic spell someone has placed on you.
  • And most especially when you have believe that your path is blocked.

Strong Mexican egg cleansing ritual

To perform the strong Mexican egg cleansing ritual you should follow it step by step. It is not at all complicated all that you need is to have certain elements. Any person can do it and there is really no need to go any sacred place because you are more than capable of doing it on your own.

You will require the following:

  • Two eggs
  • White candle
  • Glass of water
  • Salt

You will first need to light up the white candle and let it burn while you are still busy doing the cleanse, if it is possible you should let it burn down by itself. Afterwards you should begin cleaning from the head while you say the Lords prayer requesting that all the bad aura you carry is smashed with the egg.

You will then on-wards need to rub the egg calmly all over your body starting from head to toe. Once you are done you will have to break an egg in the glass that contains water it is here where you will find and see what is wrong. To remove it, add salt and drop it in the toilet bowl and let it flow with the water.