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Dua to get rid of nightmares in Islam. If you or someone that you know is badly affected by bad dreams. If a person sees a scary and bad dreams either in the early morning or at night regardless such an individual is an adult or child. One can perform the dua to get rid of nightmares in Islam. If an individual has a problem of sleeplessness at night due to horrific dreams he can thus perform dua to get rid of nightmares in Islam which will quickly banish away all the horror and terror that plagues you during the night.

Scary dreams and bad dreams is such a disease that is taken very lightly by people. But this needs to be cured as quickly as possible. As when you are dreaming you are always like you are in a real world. When you see any terrifying dream this likely terrifies you as if it took place in the real world. We get frightened and wake up at time we scream or cry these are all frustrating activities that need to be cured.

Dua to get rid of nightmares in Islam

That is why you need to recite a powerful dua to get rid of nightmares in Islam which will help you to not only chase away the bad spirits that lead you to dream horrific nightmares but will finally make you sleep soundly without any traces of nightmares. Recite Durood-e-shareef three times.

Blow it on water and drink it. In Sha Allah you will be shielded from bad dreams and nightmares. Make sure that you perform this dua at night just before you sleep or you can do it during the time that you feel scared. Make ablution. Recite the durood-e-shareef once. Along with Bismillah recite Aayat al kursi three times and blow it over your chest.

Effective dua to get rid of nightmares in Islam

In the case that you are performing this for someone else ensure that you blow it over the chest of that person. Perform this daily until the nightmares, fear and bad dreams are gone. Remember when searching for protection and if you wish to get rid of nightmares that you need to have your utmost faith that Allah will help you. With the effective dua to get rid of nightmares in Islam you will get to see results faster. Contact Dr.Twaha if you tried performing a dua and did not see effective results.